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Joanne Lipman is Chief Content Officer of Gannett, and Editor in Chief USA TODAY and the USA TODAY NETWORK, comprising the flagship title and 109 other news organizations including the Detroit Free Press, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and the Arizona Republic.  Her next book, That's What She Said: What men need to know (and women need to tell them) about working together, will be published on February 13, 2018 by William Morrow. Ms. Lipman began her career as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, ultimately rising to Deputy Managing Editor, creating Weekend Journal and Personal Journal, and supervising coverage that earned three Pulitzer Prizes. New York Times media columnist David Carr described her as the Journal's "innovator-in-chief."  She subsequently was founding Editor-in-Chief of Conde Nast Portfolio and, which won National Magazine and Loeb Awards.  She is a frequent television commentator, seen on CNN, NBC, CNBC, and CBS, among others, and her work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, Time, Newsweek and Harvard Business Review.  She is also co-author of the critically acclaimed musical memoir Strings Attached


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Women at Work: A Guide for Men

Joanne Lipman discusses her viral Wall Street Journal article, "Women at Work: A Guide for Men," on CNBC on December 23, 2014.

Let's Expose the Gender Pay Gap

Joanne Lipman discusses her New York Times op-ed, "Let's Expose the Gender Pay Gap," on CNBC on August 14, 2015


"A MUST-READ"! - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"A vivid, often tender portrait...that ends up ripping your heart out." -USA TODAY         

“Inspirational…For those who had a figure like Mr. K in their lives, “Strings Attached” will resonate. Everyone else will wish they had been so lucky.”  -THE NEW YORK TIMES

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STRINGS ATTACHED: Now in paperback!

Who is that one person who changed your life forever? The one who pushed you to dream bigger and reach higher?

STRINGS ATTACHED is a powerful memoir about the astonishing impact one man - a public-school music teacher - had on the lives of thousands of students.  He could be fierce, rehearsing his students until their fingers almost bled, but in the process he made them better and stronger than they had any right to be.  What they didn't know was the tragedy he had hidden in his own life.  STRINGS ATTACHED lyrically tells his story, from his childhood on the run from the Nazis, to the disappearance of one of his beloved daughters.  His is a remarkable story of resilience, of how one man transformed his own heartache into a legacy of joy for generations of students.

Heartbreaking yet ultimately triumphant, STRINGS ATTACHED is a testament to the power of hope -- and a celebration of the profound influence one person can have on the lives of others.

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Joanne discusses Strings Attached on CNBC's Squawk Box, December 18, 2013.


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